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Police Uplift Blended Learning Programme

LAS partnered with the National Police Chief's Council (NPCC) to create an ambitious three month (blended) learning programme to improve blended learning design expertise and provide ongoing support to 550 L&D staff across 43 Police Forces

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Highly Accessible Soft Skills and Digital Skills

Together with Leonard Cheshire, their partners and the learners themselves, we designed and developed a highly accessible soft skills and digital skills programme to help 7,000 disabled people in Bangladesh and Kenya develop the skills they needed to succeed in the workplace.

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Becoming Blended

LAS partnered with the BBC, one of the world's leading broadcasters, to transform the way their trainers approach learning design.

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Sodexo Digital Passport

LAS partnered with the Sodexo, one of the world's largest multinational corporations, in order to help accelerate their digital transformation journey through a fun space-themed learning experience

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NoObesity Apps - Reducing Childhood Obesity

LAS partnered with Health Education England to create two innovative linked apps to help families improve their health and wellbeing and to help health professionals provide better support to them in their journeys

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ICARUS business Simulation

Together with Unicorn Training, we created a complex business simulation for UCL's MSc in Professional Accountancy that increased engagement and resulted in unprecedented recruitment and pass levels for the course.

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Cuppa - Microlearning for the care sector

LAS partnered with Sara Dunn Associates to win funding from the Ufi to create engaging online learning and performance support for the care sector

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Next Generation Blend

We partnered with a large pharma company to create an impactful, transmedia blend, driven by empathy for the patient, to help a new team understand and sell an innovative new drug.

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Organisation Design Toolkit

Organisation Design Toolkit is an online Toolkit which supports staff at one of the world’s largest energy companies on any OD project. Created not only to provide training and resources on OD methodology, it also provides the platform for a vibrant community of practice, combining social networking and an innovative ‘Pinterest-style’ website where users can customize the content they see, share experience profiles and collaborate in real time.

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Vodafone CVM Game

The Vodafone CVM (Customer Value Management) Data Game designed by LAS in partnership with OxfordSM and Vodafone, has added energy and realism to Vodafone’s F2F marketing workshop on maximising the use of customer data to drive brand value and improve customer experience.

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Waterstones Academy

LAS partnered with leading bookseller, Waterstones, to create an award-winning goal-based learning system – Waterstones Academy – that is delivering a range of training, including a university-accredited Bookseller Qualification, to ensure that their people are best equipped to deal with the rapid pace of change in their industry.

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Tarkett eCampus

Working collaboratively with Tarkett, a global flooring solutions provider, we developed ‘eCampus’; a suite of digital learning in fourteen languages to help increase sales productivity.

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University of Cambridge

In addition to developing an elearning strategy for staff development and providing ongoing consultancy and support to help the University implement that strategy, we have also built a range of digital learning interventions and created a bespoke goal-based learning system which allows for delivery of a range of training.

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LAS worked alongside Visa CEMEA to develop a range of online learning and marketing materials to introduce ‘Verified by Visa’ to member banks all over the world.

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Designed by LAS, goalgetter is our generic goal-based learning system, used by the NHS and one of the world’s largest technology companies amongst others . Designed to help people improve their performance, goalgetter is accessible from computer, tablet or smartphone and allows users to collaborate with other people attempting the same goal.

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