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The great thing about digital learning is that, when properly used; it allows increased user engagement, at massive scale, cost-effectively. When poorly used however; it’s an eye-watering waste of time and money and a proven way to really irritate your people. It’s not the cost of production that hurts the most; it’s the time-cost of thousands of people wasting their time on a learning experience that does not achieve the impact it needs to. 

That’s why we do digital learning the right way.

First we work with you to understand what your project needs to achieve. Then we look at who it involves, what behaviours we want to encourage (or discourage), the likely causes and potential blockers and your existing technology. We then work in partnership with you, taking a human-centred approach to design the very best solution, tightly focussed on changing behaviours and achieving the goal within the constraints of the project (for example; time, budget, technology and culture).

We use our knowledge of cognitive science and human behaviour to design creative digital learning experiences in many forms. There are now 30+ forms of digital learning and we can build most of them. This can include short online tutorials and also apps, platforms, portals, tools, social learning, performance support, scenarios, business simulations, resource hubs, videos, learning games and digital content. 

And it doesn't end there. We want to make sure that the learning you commission from us really does have impact and helps you to achieve your goals. We don’t just deliver and run. We will be there into the future to help you launch your learning, evaluate it and improve it.

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