Next Generation Blends

Blended learning has been around for as long as learning has, but the problem is; most blends are not human-centred. They take little account of the needs of the user, their limited attention span or memory capacity – quite simply they are designed for the ease of the blend producer, not the learner. Our Next Generation Blended methodology addresses all of these issues and has been adopted by organisations like the BBC, Roche, Diageo and the Learning and Performance Institute.

Our Next Generation Blended Learning approach uses a methodology to divide:

1. Knowledge into what we need participants to immediately recall and what it’s OK for them to look up in a few seconds.

2. Skills into high-risk and low-risk based on the impact to the individual and the organisation.

3. Behaviours and attitudes into those that are easy and hard for the audience to adopt.

We then design and structure the blend accordingly making it human-centred, lean and focussed impact. Use this service when:·   

  • You need a blended learning programme that delivers impact
  • You have a substantial learning journey that you need to get users through
  • Your project is strategically important and / or has a large audience

Here’san example of a Next Generation Blend in practice.

BBC Becoming Blended

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