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Unleash your L&D Team's potential with L&D Evolution + AI from LAS

L&D Evolution + AI from LAS is a comprehensive training and coaching programme for your L&D team. Expertly tailored to your culture, ambitions and people and delivered by award-winning practitioners.

We are living through turbulent times that demand agility in order to remain relevant and competitive. The L&D Evolution + AI programme will ensure that you and your L&D team are fully equipped and ready to lead the way in enabling your organisation to be future-fit. 

Human-centred, AI-enabled

Generative AI is transforming the way we work, learn and live at breakneck speed. We recognise that this can feel overwhelming, so L&D Evolution has evolved accordingly, to help your team make sense of these advancements, whilst also developing the human-centred skills that underpin effective learning.

Generative AI is now baked into every Stage of L&D Evolution and we also run 6-monthly AI Trailblazer sessions to keep your L&D team up to speed on the latest in generative AI for L&D.

Why invest in your L&D Team's Skills?

When an L&D team fully transforms their approach and practice, this ripples out across the organisation as a catalyst for wider change. It evolves stakeholder and learner attitudes to learning, builds a learning culture and makes organisations more agile; better able to adapt for the future, whatever that holds.

The teams that we work with really do evolve, strengthening their organisations and making them more adaptable with:

L&D Evolution + AI Programme

A multi-week facilitated programme designed to take your L&D team to the next level.

Step 1: Diagnostic

A free L&D Evolution diagnostic - so you can objectively see where your team are on the change journey

Step 2: Discovery

A 2 week Discovery phase where we work with you to understand your culture, priorities, current abilities and ambitions, so that we can tailor the L&D Evolution programme exactly to your needs.

Step 3: Evolutionary Stages

Based on the Discovery Phase findings, your team will go through a tailored series of up to six blended ‘Evolutionary Stages’ with an expert tutor. Comprising interactive virtual classrooms, digital content, practice activities, self-reflection, resources, templates and tools; these Stages enable your team to benefit quickly, embed behavioural changes and become truly excellent.

Ongoing support

With our L&D Evolution + AI programme we radically improve your L&D team's capabilities and work with them to embed the working practices. We can provide as much, or as little ongoing support as you need to help you on your journey. This can include some or all of the following:

  • Quarterly evolution diagnostic to track the embedding of new behaviours
  • Bring-and-share group peer learning sessions
  • 1-2-1 coaching and mentoring for learning leaders
  • Specific advice and guidance on your learning and performance projects
  • Regular Inspiration sessions on what’s hot and coming next in L&D
  • Generative AI trailblazer sessions

why choose LAS to help you with your L&D Evolution?

Your tutors and coaches are all experts in digital and blended learning and importantly, are practitioners themselves. We have honed our human-centred approach over a decade and 350+ projects, winning 17 awards by using the techniques you’ll learn on L&D Evolution. LAS also received the Gold award for Learning Organisation of the Year in 2021.

We’ve been helping L&D teams digitally transform for over a decade and have evolved the teams of many large and complex organisations including world-leading broadcasters, public service organisations, universities and pharma companies.

what our customers say....

We partnered with the National Police Chief's Council (NPCC) to design and deliver an ambitious three month learning programme to evolve their learning offer and provide ongoing support to 550 L&D staff across all 43 Police Forces in England and Wales. Read more

‘I have to say that I found it really inspiring, the whole thing and I’ve gone away with more confidence to use various methods’‘It’s given people new ideas… It’s reignited people’
Police learner feedback - award-winning programme  

‘What has emerged from the [programme] is a passionate internal L&D community who are in place to drive the next stage of the development journey'
Independent CIPD Evaluation Report of the Police Programme - award-winning programme 

We partnered with BBC Academy to create a comprehensive programme to train their trainers on Next Generation Blended Learning and ultimately transform the learning culture at the BBC. Read more

‘The impact of [the programme] has far exceeded our expectations and the BBC Academy is now actively embracing digital and blended learning.’
Head of Learning Design, BBC Academy - award-winning programme  

‘The programme has created a marked change in mindset within the Academy. It very cleverly trod the fine balance between avoiding teaching staff to suck eggs whilst acknowledging that learning has changed and supporting them with how they adapt their skills for the future. The impact has been incredible, it is fantastic to see and hear the conversations happening within the teams and the stories being shared.’
Director, BBC Academy - award-winning programme 

the benefits of being an evolved L&D Team

In this series of videos, Rob Hubbard takes you through all the benefits that we have observed in evolved L&D teams.

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