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About LAS

We are an award-winning digital learning company that helps forward-thinking organisations grow and evolve through custom learning experiences.

We work in partnership with you and your organisation to tackle the big problems or opportunities that you have.

Great design is our strength. We use our design skills, knowledge of human behaviour and a wide range of technologies, to create tailor-made, impactful digital learning in the form of apps, platforms, portals, games, tools, scenarios, next generation blends, learning assets and more.

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The Team

Photo of Rob Hubbard

Rob Hubbard, Managing Director and Creative Lead

Rob is a designer through and through who is fascinated by how we learn, what we remember and why we pay attention to certain things. He is a huge enthusiast of all that technology can offer to enhance learning and has completed a huge variety of projects in his 14 year career. 

He is the editor and co-author of The Really Useful eLearning Instruction Manual published by Wiley and featuring contributions from the brightest and best elearning minds on both sides of the Atlantic.

Rob won the Outstanding Contribution Award at the 2015 eLearning Awards for 'working tirelessly to raise standards and encourage greater creativity in digital learning'.

Image of book cover
Photo of Tess Robinson

Tess Robinson, Director

Tess has many hats at LAS. As well as a wealth of digital learning experience, she is also our resident marketing and communications expert, finance director and account manager. She joined LearningAge in 2009, bringing with her ten years of experience of marketing, communications and relationship management in the education sector, having worked in senior roles at UCAS, University of Warwick and Aston University.

Tess has a keen interest in the psychology and behaviours behind how people learn and holds a Masters degree in Organisational Behaviour from top-ranked Warwick Business School. She also has a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Professional Diploma in Marketing.

Photo of Ed Hickman

Ed Hickman, Project Director

Ed is our project lead and is highly skilled at taking our creative vision and designing elegant and effective solutions. 

Ed's job is to create the designs that our developers will build, oversee our team of instructional designers, review storyboards to ensure quality and consistency of approach and to work with clients to arrive at the perfect solution. 

Ed has an excellent understanding of learning psychology and how to motivate and engage end users through effective design. He has over eight years' experience of delivering successful solutions for blue chip companies and high profile public sector organisations. His knowledge extends across user interface design, communications, learning management systems, mobile and web technologies, authoring tools and accessibility.

Photo of Natalie Thurman

Natalie Thurman, Blended Learning Business Partner

Natalie has an inbuilt love of learning. She comes with a learning and development and technology advice background. She has experience of working with apprenticeships, L&D professionals, VR and AR solutions, negotiation, and even pilot training. 

She brings 8 years of experience working with IT directors and CIO’s in global organisations whilst at Gartner and AMR Research. 

Natalie is fluent in German and has a passion for art and photography. Natalie has a BA (Hons) in European Business Economics and German.

Photo of Anita Page

Anita Page, Learning Designer

Anita is one of our Learning Designers. She is a creative and curious individual who loves working with clients to deliver impactful learning experiences, that make a difference.  Anita is passionate that learning happens every day through our experiences and interactions, and loves spotting opportunities to build learning into the work flow, with technology being an enabler in all of this.

Anita has worked across several industries, with a number of years in Retail. Through her career she has delivered countless L&D initiatives, always seeking to develop people through multiple touch points to create connected learning experiences and ultimately improving people’s performance.

Photo of Louise Cox

Louise Cox, Project Manager

Louise is one of our Project Managers. She ensures that all our projects are completed on time, to budget and to the highest quality. 

Louise manages those involved in a project and is always on hand to make sure that our clients' experience of working with us is nothing short of excellent. 

Louise has over twenty years experience in the elearning industry and has managed well over 100 elearning projects for national and international, public and private sector organisations. Louise is also skilled in graphic design and instructional design and holds a degree in graphic design from University of Nottingham.

Photo of Rachel Gallagher

Rachel Gallagher, Project Manager

Rachel is another valued member of our Projects team , having worked for LAS since 2015, she is an integral part of our company.

After spending over 15 years in traditional administrative roles, Rachel discovered the role of a Virtual Assistant in 2015 and has never looked back. She has worked with a number of clients all around the world including publishing companies, authors, wellness practitioners and learning companies.  

This has led to gaining experience using a number of different online applications and communication tools.

Photo of Martyn Stevenson-Read

Martyn Stevenson-Read, Project Manager

Martyn is one of our Project Managers who also supports within our learning designs.

Martyn’s Learning and Development career spans over twenty years (predominantly in BT -
giving him plenty of experience in handling the complex learning requirements of large and
massively varied learning groups).

He has had a range of L&D roles from eLearning Developer to Learning Design Team Manager as well as roles within Learning Innovation and Change Management.

Martyn has won a string of awards across his time in L&D. He is an associate of the
Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and a Fellow of the Learning and
Performance Institute as well as being a regular judge on the panel of the Learning
Technologies Awards.

Photo of Jamie Cole

Jamie Cole, Design Lead

Jamie is an experienced designer with over 12 years in the industry. Having designed and led a large number of projects for well known customers. Many of these projects have also gone on to win awards. Jamie was also shortlisted for designer of the year (2014).

With a degree in design, putting his creative energy and passion into every project, along with his enthusiasm for user experience design and gamified learning  - Jamie's aim is to create the best solution for the user needs whatever the platform.

Jamie is also a professional photographer and videographer, these skills show through in his work with his attention to detail supporting his design work

Photo of Lee Radcliffe

Lee Ratcliffe, Graphic/UX Designer

Lee is a creative, interaction-focused graphic designer with perfectionist tendencies. During his 12 years in the elearning industry, he has designed and developed visually stunning, engaging and award-winning learning experiences for numerous high profile clients.

Lee loves to get his teeth into a UI or UX problem to come up with something that’s enjoyable to use and highly functional. Interactivity is his strong point, and he loves designing activities that add real value to the learning experience. He’s also passionate about illustration and animation, making him a solid all rounder in the design field.

Photo of Abi Fairholm

Abi Fairholm, Marketing Manager

Abi is a highly-organised marketer with a creative and enthusiastic approach to work. With a strong understanding and passion for social media, Abi has been helping LAS gain a presence on a number of different platforms since joining the team.

A determined and influential team player, Abi brings attention to detail skills, friendliness and focus to the Marketing for LAS.

The Wider Team

Our team also includes three development teams, additional instructional designers and project managers, a QA team, graphic designers, illustrators and videographers. We have an agile structure, enabling us to scale up swiftly and be very flexible. 


Learning Technology Awards 2019 – Gold

Gold for Best use of blended learning (public and non-profit sector). We partnered with the BBC, to transform the way that their trainers designed learning. Becoming blended has modernised training delivery by immersing learners in a blend and encouraging them to think differently about design.

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Learning Awards 2015 Gold Logo

Learning Technology Awards 2019 – Gold

Gold for Excellence in the design of learning content (international commercial sector). We partnered with facilities multinational, Sodexo, to design and build a unique space-themed learning experience to accelerate Sodexo's digital transformation, nourish an innovation mindset and hone employees digital skills.

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Learning Awards 2015 Gold Logo

Brandon Hall HCM Excellence Awards 2019 – Bronze

Bronze for Best Advance in Competencies and Skills Development. Our first US Award! We partnered with facilities multinational, Sodexo, to design and build a unique space-themed learning experience to accelerate Sodexo's digital transformation.

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Learning Awards 2015 Gold Logo

Learning Technology Awards 2017 – Gold

Gold for Best use of simulations or virtual environments for learning. We partnered with Unicorn Training Group and UCL (University College London), to design and build a complex, highly immersive and realistic simulation, ICARUS, which allows groups of learners from around the world to collaborate and work in teams over different time zones. 

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Learning Awards 2015 Gold Logo

eLearning Awards 2015 – Gold

Gold for Best Learning Game.  In partnership with leading Marketing Consultancy, OxfordSM, LAS created an engaging learning game for Vodafone, which has added energy and realism to their face-to-face marketing workshop on maximising the use of customer data. Used in stages throughout the workshop, the game reinforces learning points, encourages debate and allows participants to try decisions out, resulting in a deeper understanding of the importance of data and how it is used. The game is a fantastic example of how learning games don’t need to be expensive and hand coded to be effective.

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Learning Awards 2015 Gold Logo

eLearning Awards 2015 – Gold

Managing Director, Rob Hubbard, was honoured with Gold in the Outstanding Contribution category. They said: 'Rob Hubbard is likely to have a lasting impact on the elearning industry thanks to his pro bono work and creative and innovative elearning. He has certainly done much to promote the elearning industry. He has given hundreds of hours of his time and 100% of his energy to voluntary work within the sector with no expectation of anything in return. Through his work with eLN and through the free training he has given to hundreds of elearning professionals worldwide, he has worked tirelessly to raise standards and encourage greater creativity in digital learning. He is a true ambassador for the whole profession and richly deserves the highest recognition'.

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Learning Awards 2015 Gold Logo

eLearning Awards 2015 – Bronze

Bronze in the Social and Collaborative Learning category for a project with one of the world’s largest energy companies. LAS helped them to roll out a methodology for organisation design and provide online opportunities for their people to collaborate and share knowledge and best practice. The project has resulted in significant cost savings for the organisation, has boosted their internal capabilities and helped them to develop and connect their staff. It is now in use over more than 50% of the organisation.

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Learning Awards 2015 Gold Logo

Learning Awards 2015 – Gold

Gold in the Social and Collaborative Learning category for a project with one of the world’s largest energy companies to create online learning, resources and opportunities for collaboration around their new methodology for organisation design. We also used the technology to create a valuable community of practice and enable employees to share ideas and work together.

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Learning Awards 2015 Gold Logo

Learning Awards 2015 – Bronze

Bronze award for External Learning Solution of the Year. We partnered with one of the world’s largest energy companies to use technology to implement one way to do organisation design within the business, significantly reducing costs and complexity across the organisation.

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Learning Awards 2015 Bronze Logo

eLearning Awards 2013 - Silver

Silver in the Best eLearning Project (Private Sector) with the bookseller, Waterstones. Waterstones' USP is their knowledgeable booksellers who are able to offer passionate, well-informed advice to customers. This project began as a system to train these booksellers on how to use new Kindle technology and evolved into a goal-based learning system to help with career development, ongoing training and performance review.

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eLearning Awards 2013 Silver Logo

Learning Awards 2013 - Gold

Gold for 'Learning Technologies Solution of the Year' with Tarkett, a multinational flooring manufacturer. The winning entry consisted of a suite elearning, including scenario-based learning, games and an app, to train their international sales force.

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Learning Awards 2013 Gold Logo

eLearning Awards 2012 - Bronze

Bronze for ‘Most Innovative New Hardware or Software Product’ for goalgetter, our goal-based learning system. The judges described it as ‘true innovation’.

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eLearning Awards 2012 Bronze Logo

eLearning Awards 2012 - Bronze

Bronze for ‘Best eLearning Project (Private Sector) with Tarkett, a multinational flooring manufacturer. For a comprehensive elearning programme, their first experience of learning technologies, to train their international sales force.

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eLearning Awards 2012 Bronze Logo
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