LAS Insights #1

The impact of Covid on work and learning


In LAS Insights we take time to investigate some of the BIG issues affecting work and learning. We’ll tackle those topics that make great keynotes, but that often leave you thinking: ‘very interesting, but what does it mean for me?’

In LAS Insights we’ll dig deeper to uncover the implications for the workplace, for learning and development departments  (L&D) and for us all as individuals.

Covid has already had far reaching and complex impacts on humanity and there are more to come. In this first LAS Insights episode we’ll examine five megatrends that relate to work and learning (these are trends that have an effect on a global scale); what they are, their pre-covid direction and how that’s changing.

We then extrapolate 3-5 years into the future to consider what it will likely mean for work and learning and what L&D will need to do to support this future. Then we rewind and identify the small steps L&D can take now to get on the right path. We do this through research, expert interviews, a range of digital assets, carefully curated resources, videos, a podcast and a live collaborative virtual event on 25 November that brings it all together.  

Download the White Paper

The LAS Insights: Impact of Covid on Work and Learning White Paper summarises all of our findings from this Insights session. Many thanks to all the industry experts, colleagues and customers who contributed to this.

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The live event took place on 25 November 2021

In this interactive event, the culmination of LAS Insights Episode 1; we shared what we had discovered about the five megatrends and the impact Covid is having upon them.

We used logic to sketch the likely future of work 3-5 years from now and then as a group considered what L&D need to do now to support this.

Explore megatrends

Megatrends are trends that have an effect on a global scale. These are the powerful currents that drive the change and turbulence we see in the world today. They interrelate in complex ways, but seeking to understand them can help us to make sense of the world we live in and where we’re heading. Here we investigate five which influence work and learning.    

Climate change


Every organism on the planet is affected by climate change - this is the single biggest issue of our time.


Digital city

Technology is encroaching on every aspect of our lives - sometimes for better, sometimes for worse.

Life expectancy

Older runners

Life expectancy has been increasing steadily - but can it continue and what will it mean if it does.

Population growth

3rd world housing

Is population growth running unchecked and out-of-control - or is there a different story?



For generations the cities have drawn people in from the countryside - but is that now changing?

Hear from the experts

We’ve interviewed three experts who all work intimately with numerous organisations, large and small, across a range of sectors. As such they are able to offer objective views and insights into how Covid is changing work and learning globally.

Watch Lori Niles-Hofmann and Amanda Nolen

Lori Niles-Hofmann and Amanda Nolen from consultancy, NilesNolen discuss the impact of Covid on how people work: the blending of personal and work worlds, an increased need for ethical purpose, the levelling of the playing field for introverts, The Great Resignation, global-local worker mix and the importance of organisations embracing remote working and learning to achieve this.

NilesNolen help transform learning into a competitive advantage through no-nonsense, expert-led consultancy and honest, business-critical support.

Watch David Perring

David Perring from Fosway Group, discusses how the pandemic has changed work and learning and how it's impact will be felt into the future.

Fosway Group are Europe's #1 HR Industry Analyst focused on Next Gen HR, Talent and Learning. For 25 years they have been known for their unique European research, their independence and their integrity.

Listen to our experts

Downloadable podcast from our three experts.

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