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In the 10 years we've been operating we've completed a huge range of projects and have won more than our share of awards. Over this time we've refined the way we work based on the best design approaches, hard-won best practices and brain science. The Learning eXperience Design course (or LXD) is your opportunity to learn some of this - for free!

Next course dates

30 September 2019

2020 Dates coming soon....

LXD is a three week online course hosted on our award-winning goalgetter platform, tutored by Rob Hubbard, our Creative Lead. Completed at your own pace, LXD is easy to fit around work. In it you will work upon either your own project or a guest project to:

  • Fully scope the project
  • Make the most of users' limited memory
  • Enhance your creativity
  • Generate the best solution to the requirement
  • Communicate your solution

Who would benefit:

  • HR and L&D Directors and Managers - see what 'great' looks like and how your teams and vendors should be working
  • eLearning Developers - learn more about design to enhance what you build
  • Instructional Designers - ditch those dusty learning theories and embrace a more practical approach
  • Trainers - broaden your design skills to encompass digital learning

Why is it free? We'd rather spend our time, money and talents teaching you something of great value, rather than exibiting at trade shows or paying for advertising. It's a great way to get our name out there and give you an insight into how we work. 

And the next time you have need of a digital learning solution that is beyond your means to produce, or you want to try a different learning provider, you might just think of us.

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