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Here at LAS, we are hearing from a lot of organisations who urgently need to blend their learning programmes in order to meet the new and changing needs of their learners in these exceptional times. Moving to online learning quickly shouldn't mean forgetting the human at the centre of your learning or forgoing effectiveness. We have a wealth of digital learning design and development experience that we can share with you to make sure you get it right:

FREE 30 minute getting started sessions

We are offering FREE 30 minute getting started sessions with Rob Hubbard, award-winning learning designer and founder of LAS. Rob will walk you through how to get started with blended learning and will equip you with a rapid version of our Next Generation Blend methodology that you can use yourself to ensure that your online learning is delivering

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FREE webinar - Coming soon....

24th July, 12noon - eLN Free webinar
The trouble with blended learning (and how to avoid it).
Blended learning has been around for as long as learning has, but the trouble is, many people get it wrong. It’s easy to over-engineer a blend, spend more money than you need to, waste your learners’ precious time and attention and not get the business impact you need.
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FREE Learning experience Design Course

We have brought forward the date of our next Learning eXperience Design (LXD) course from June to 20th April to upskill people more quickly in the current crisis. We have also made it FREE of charge.

LXD is a three-week blended online course (approx 8 hours of learning), taught by Rob Hubbard, LAS founder and recognised thought leader on learning design. With a mix of webinars and self-paced learning, LXD is highly practical. It will help you to get to the heart of a problem or opportunity, understand your learners better, know the limits of memory and maximise your creativity and generate tangible and effective digital solutions.

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FREE Digital Learning Diagnostic Tool

If you're feeing overwhelmed by the range of technologies that you could use to deliver your learning online, we can help you narrow it down. We're offering FREE access to our digital learning diagnostic tool to help organisations navigate the wealth of choice out there. By putting in parameters around learning need, size of the problem or opportunity and timescale the diagnostic tool will generate a list of appropriate technologies for you to use.

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Other Ways We Can Help You

We offer a range of learning design and development services. We have experience of lots of different technologies but most importantly we are experts in what works. If you haven't done much digital learning before, or if you're having to rethink your portfolio and strategy as a matter of urgency, we can help. We won't bamboozle you with jargon or offer you something more complicated and costly than you need. Instead we will help you to be agile, positive and to emerge from this storm on the front-foot.

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