Digital learning consultancy and support

So how are we different to other consultancies and digital learning agencies? We operate in the space between change, learning and communications and engagement. We use elements from each of these disciplines to deliver successful projects in partnership with our customers, creating lasting change and measurable impact. We consult and we design, but we also build:

1. Providing advice and guidance based on research and insight
2. Supporting you to implement our recommendations and / or
3. Building / developing digital learning solutions for you

We are consultants, designers and developers who:

  • Have a deep interest in, and understanding, of human behaviour
  • Think differently and innovate efficiently
  • See connections and patterns that others don't
  • Have a deep hands-on understanding of a wide range of learning technologies
  • Are proven specialists in design and development

We provide consultancy and support in three areas;

1. Learning strategy  
2. Tools
3. Design and production

The approach that we take in each is deeply human-centred. We draw on fields as diverse as psychology, behaviour change, game mechanics, cognitive science and systems thinking to understand the project objectives and people at depth. Some of the techniques we use come from design thinking, some from innovation and others we've developed ourselves.

Learning strategy

Digital learning strategy
The right digital learning strategy empowers your people and makes your organisation future-fit and agile. The wrong one acts like a weight, slowing you down, disengaging people and wasting your money. We can help you make the best use of digital learning in a way that is mindful of your strategy, objectives, culture and workforce.

L&D digital / blended transformation
Many L&D departments know they need to move with the times and embrace digital. The challenge is; there are more digital learning options than ever and the choice can be bewildering. Transformation is not a switch you flip, but an ongoing evolution. We help L&D departments through this transformation so that they emerge as creative business partners, not L&D order takers.

Change enablement
Using a combination of design thinking, our own techniques and agile working, we identify and deploy the easiest, most impactful behavioural levers, enabling the organisational change that you need to achieve.

Troubleshooting your learning design and development processes
If you're already building your own digital learning but projects don't always go as smoothly as you'd like, we can help massage out the kinks in your processes. With over 200 digital learning projects under our belts, we've developed highly robust and reliable workflows which you can benefit from.

Learning tools

Making more use of your existing tools
The first place we look in any digital learning project is at what learning technologies our customers already have. Often these are underused and sometimes misunderstood, and so can be put to better use. Sometimes learning technologies are not a match for audience culture and getting user engagement has been an uphill struggle. Other times by adjusting or supplementing your existing learning technologies, far greater value can be achieved.

Learning technology selection
If you're looking for a learning management system (LMS), learning experience platform (LXP) or elearning authoring tool, we have a highly calibrated BS detector that we can use to cut through the marketing hyperbole. We take time to understand your requirements, objectives, people and culture before researching and recommending any particular technology

Author tool training and coaching
We can provide training and coaching in the Articulate Storyline and Gomo author tools, additionally creating templates for you and providing graphic design and learning design support, so you can hit the ground running.

Learning design and production

Audience research, learning design workshops, idea generation
We help our customers to understand their audiences at depth so that better, more impactful learning and change solutions can be designed for them. We are highly skilled in running productive design workshops, virtually and in-person, using design thinking techniques to define the overall shape of change and learning programmes. Just want our creativity? Brief us on what you need to achieve, give us some constraints to work within and we can generate ideas and solutions for you.

Learning experience design, blended learning design, virtual classroom design, graphic design, video production
We can provide guidance, coaching and mentoring across a range of learning design and production disciplines. There are now over 30 forms of digital learning to choose from now and we've used used most of them in our projects. We can help your team broaden and deepen their skillsets to help you get the most from your people and digital learning.

Free 30-minute consultancy session

As so many organisations are having to adopt digital learning rapidly, we're offering a limited number of free 30-minute consultations with Lead Consultant and LAS Founder, Rob Hubbard. In the session Rob will seek to understand your current situation and objectives and offer some initial insights on what might help. To request a session, just fill in the contact form below, stating that you're interested in the FREE 30 minute consultancy.

LAS consultancy offering

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