Digital learning consultancy and inspiration sessions


Not sure where to start with digital learning? Want to make a step change in your provision? For many years we have been helping organisations to make the best use of digital learning and learning technologies. This includes:

  • Writing elearning strategies for large organisations
  • Helping them to deploy these strategies to benefit from £multi-million savings
  • Using digital and blended learning to boost sales performance
  • Improving the learning design skills of existing internal teams
  • Setting up and training development teams
  • Designing digital learning to be built by internal teams
  • Designing blended learning programmes

Our consultants include Managing Director and Creative Lead Rob Hubbard, as well as other members of the LAS team. Rob has completed a huge variety of projects in his 15 year career, partnering with some of the world's largest and most successful organisations to grow and develop their people.

Rob is widely recognised as one of the UK's best learning designers. He is a regular speaker on the elearning conference circuit, a recipient of the Learning Technologies Outstanding Contribution Award (winning it for 'working tirelessly to raise standards and encourage greater creativity in digital learning') and the editor and co-author of the Really Useful eLearning Instruction Manual. He was also named in the Platinum section of the 2017 Global eLearning Movers and Shakers List.  

Inspiration sessions
Do you aspire to design and create more exciting digital learning within your organisation? Do you want your learning to make a real impact? We offer Inspiration Sessions to galvanise and upskill your internal teams. These are tailored to your organisation’s specific needs and are delivered as a 1 or 2 day F2F workshop with optional virtual support to help put the principles into practice.  

Topics covered can include:

  • Neuroscience and learning
  • Scoping projects
  • Action mapping
  • Linear and non-linear storyboarding
  • Producing effective copy
  • Use of interactions
  • Putting the fun into online learning
  • How to use graphics effectively
  • Designing blended learning programmes
  • Thinking beyond the paradigm of courseware
Rob Hubbard

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