Next Generation Blends

We design and develop Next Generation Blends. Brain-friendly learning that helps you to address big problems or opportunities.

Advanced modes of delivery - A blend can include both F2F, in-person virtual and digital elements. Yes, our Next Generation Blends include animation, videos, interactions, documents, quizzes and mini-modules - all the things you may have seen in blends before. However, we also incorporate more advanced modes such as learning reinforcement games, assignments, scenarios, quests, learning transfer tools, implementation aids, portals and apps.

These more advanced modes of delivery are more like the digital experiences people use in their personal lives. They provide multiple touch-points in the learning journey and some can be used both throughout the blend and beyond, in other training programmes and initiatives within the organisation.

Brain-friendly - The human brain is NOT a hard drive, where information can be uploaded and stored and recalled accurately when needed.. Memory is fallible and easily influenced – even the act of recalling a memory changes it. A Next Generation Blend takes account of this. We know our learners will remember only the general gist and not the detail of the material. We structure the blend accordingly and treat them like humans.

A campaign not a course -  A little learning, done often, over a period of time has much more chance of changing behaviours than a one-off event, no matter how impactful. If participants move through in cohorts we can also make use of positive peer-pressure, competition and collaboration to motivate people and build engagement. The digital learning enhances human contact. It doesn’t replace it.

Here’s an example of a Next Generation Blend in practice.

Abbott OTC Launch Excellence Tool
Tarkett eCampus Blackberry App

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