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In organisations today, employees often need to follow complex processes in order to achieve a business-critical goal. The trouble is that often these processes change, might be done infrequently, or may take place over many months or even several years. Putting together an elearning tutorial for something someone needs to do in six month's time is nonsensical - they simply won't remember it. This makes it very difficult for employees to follow the process well and achieve the best outcomes for the organisation.

To answer this need, we design and build bespoke performance support tools that employees access in real time as they follow the process. We make these accessible from multiple devices, simple to use and easy to update. Often these tools gather data about how they are being used, so they can be continually improved.

Transferring learning into the workplace, so that your learners have it to hand when and where they need it, makes learning efficient and immediate, improving the performance of your people and your organisation.

Abbott OTC Launch Excellence Tool
Tarkett eCampus Blackberry App

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