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Goalgetter is a goal-based learning system designed to help your people improve their performance. Goalgetter is accessible from computer, tablet or smartphone and allows users to collaborate with other people attempting the same goal. Goalgetter:

  • Includes a 360-degree survey tool so users can identify their areas for development and track their performance improvement
  • Lets you easily add your own content and resources, making use of the materials you already have
  • Starts from as little as £1,450 + VAT per year, with no limit on subjects or goals
  • Goalgetter comes pre-populated with a FREE set of personal productivity goals so you can start using the system straight away. 

Goalgetter© can be used standalone for content delivery and learning implementation. It also works well as part of a blend of teaching methods (for example as an implementation and support system bolted on to face-to-face workshops or elearning courseware).

Features and Benefits

What will Goalgetter do for our organisation?

  • Helps your people to identify areas for development and improve their performance.
  • Points your people to appropriate goals, based on their identified areas for improvement.
  • Enables your people to work collaboratively with others attempting the same goal, making the most of in-house knowledge.
  • Allows your people to measure their progress towards their goals and know when they’ve achieved them.
  • Integrates learning into work activities, reducing ‘training time’ to zero and enabling your people to improve their performance on the job.
  • Can be used as a stand-alone system or as part of a blend to support and enhance other forms of training.
  • Provides reports on performance improvement, giving you a clear measure of value to the organisation.
  • Enables you to author the material yourself, with support available if you want it.

Key benefits include:

  • Fast to set up – with no set up fee
  • Unlimited – put on as much material as you like
  • Low risk – start small and upgrade your subscription when you need to
  • Minimal learning curve – it uses the existing skills of your trainers:
  • Mobile access – including Apple devices
  • Practical – people learn by doing
  • Measurable – individuals can see their improvement and so can you
  • Global reach – can be used with many thousands of concurrent users
  • Personalised learner journey – users only attempt the goals that matter to them
  • Innovative – breaks the barrier between work and training
  • Do it yourself – simple tools to put your material in the system
  • Support on tap – when you need it
  • Affordable – clear pricing structure
  • Hosted – the only thing you need is a web browser
  • Apply your own branding 


We have a range of cost-effective plans to suit your needs with a 10% discount if you sign up for three years*. If you would like to add your content to goalgetter and sell it as a service to your customers contact us for special pricing.

*You can still pay year-by-year and cancel your plan at any time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a Learning Management System (LMS) with elearning courseware on it. Will Goalgetter integrate with it?

Yes. LMSs focus on the delivery of content and courses and tracking the usage of that material. They do not help people put that learning into practice, measure their performance improvement and collaborate with others whilst doing so. That is where goalgetter comes in. goalgetter can use the content and courses from your LMS as learning resources. It can also be launched from your LMS and return goal completion data using SCORM tracking. This will give your people a seamless user experience and your organisation centralised user data.

Can we rebrand it?

Yes. You can add your own logo and change the key system colours for each cohort (set of users). For example; you could have differently branded versions of the system for new starters, middle managers and senior managers. If you’re a training company you could have different versions of the system for each of your clients. They can all access the same, or different, subjects and all this is done from a single Goalgetter plan – you don’t need to buy multiple instances of Goalgetter.

Can Goalgetter be used with instructor-led training?

Absolutely! Many of our customers use Goalgetter as part of a ‘blend’ which includes instructor-led workshops. Goalgetter is used to help people put their learning into practice and the workshops can be used for content delivery followed by Goalgetter for learning implementation. Goalgetter can also be used for content delivery with shorter workshops or web-conferences used for troubleshooting, helping people with specific challenges in implementing their learning.

What kinds of reports does Goalgetter provide?

We are firm advocates of evaluating the success of any form of training. That’s why we designed evaluation and reporting into goalgetter from the ground up. Users have a record of:
1. The goals they are working towards
2. Their attempts at activities
3. Their private notes on activities and goals
4. Their performance as judged by themselves and their peers
5. Their performance improvement over time
Administrators have a record of:
1. Popular goals
2. Unpopular goals
3. Most popular resource
4. Performance improvement by cohort with drill down to user
5. Total number of goals attempted

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