Real-time performance support

Goalgetter was an award-winning goal-based learning system designed by LAS to help  people improve their performance. Goalgetter was accessible from computer, tablet or smartphone and allowed users to collaborate with other people attempting the same goal. Goalgetter:

  • Included a 360-degree survey tool so users could identify their areas for development and track their performance improvement
  • Let people easily add their own content and resources, making use of the materials people already had
  • Goalgetter came pre-populated with a FREE set of personal productivity goals so people could start using the system straight away. 

Goalgetter© could be used standalone for content delivery and learning implementation. It also worked well as part of a blend of teaching methods (for example as an implementation and support system bolted on to face-to-face workshops or elearning courseware).

Features and Benefits

What Goalgetter did for organisations:

  • Helped people to identify areas for development and improve their performance.
  • Pointed people to appropriate goals, based on their identified areas for improvement.
  • Enabled people to work collaboratively with others attempting the same goal, making the most of in-house knowledge.
  • Allowed people to measure their progress towards their goals and know when they’ve achieved them.
  • Integrated learning into work activities, reducing ‘training time’ to zero and enabled people to improve their performance on the job.
  • Could be used as a stand-alone system or as part of a blend to support and enhance other forms of training.
  • Provided reports on performance improvement, giving a clear measure of value to the organisation.
  • Enabled people to author the material themselves, with support available if they wanted it.

Key benefits included:

  • Fast to set up – with no set up fee
  • Unlimited – users could put on as much material as they liked
  • Minimal learning curve – it used the existing skills of the organisation's trainers:
  • Mobile access – including Apple devices
  • Practical – people learned by doing
  • Measurable – individuals could see their improvement and so can could the administrator
  • Global reach – could be used with many thousands of concurrent users
  • Personalised learner journey – users only had to attempt the goals that mattered to them
  • Innovative – broke down the barrier between work and training
  • Do it yourself – simple tools meant that people could put their material in the system themselves
  • Hosted – the only thing they needed was a web browser
  • It could be fully branded to the organisation
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